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Want to learn how to make large-scale mosaics? Curious how a design on paper gets translated to multimedia on a wall? Eager to learn more about how public art can transform a community?  Join us! Green Star Movement is seeking visual artists for our Public Mural Arts Program Internships. Interns work under the supervision of Green Star staff to provide assistance with our programs. In addition to refining their mosaic, sculpture, and painting techniques, interns gain valuable experience in a leadership role and develop both communication and problem-solving skills.

By the end of the internship, interns will:

Understand how Green Star Movement fulfills its mission to inspire students and community members through the creation of public art

  • Know the design and execution processes for creating a bricolage mosaic

  • Gain skills in the fundamentals of bricolage mosaic (tiling, grouting, mirror-cutting, sculpture, mixing/coloring mortar, etc.)

  • Develop relationship-building skills with youth

  • Be able to teach/lead a small group of students or volunteers in tasks and activities

  • Be able to give positive constructive feedback to youth and volunteers

  • Be able to prepare the work site for the day's tasks and conduct clean up

Requirements: Interns must commit to 10-12 hours per week (2 days) for at least 8 weeks; Availability must be on weekdays between 9 am and 6 pm; be 18 years or older; have a passion for visual arts; feel comfortable working with youth; and have a strong work ethic.

Misc: Interns work under the supervision of Green Star staff both at installation sites and at our headquarters at the Bridgeport Art Center.

Green Star Movement prioritizes placement of interns who are still in or who have recently graduated from school. This is an unpaid internship but we do offer up to two $100 need-based travel stipends per quarter. Applicants who are offered an internship can complete the travel stipend form if they accept an internship offer.

CLICK HERE for a link to the application If you have any questions, please email


As a result of the internship, interns:

  • will develop self-confidence and professionalism in a workplace setting

  • will enhance and develop communication skills and cultivate flexibility

  • will foster business contacts and obtain professional references

  • may obtain a paid position with the organization

  • will be better able to determine if the field is a good fit for his/her strengths, skills, and interests


Behaviors that will lead to success in this internship:

  • Showing initiative

  • Demonstrating a strong work ethic

  • Leading by example

  • Displaying empathy with youth and volunteers

  • Being observant


Your Supervisors will give you feedback on:

  • Your ability to grasp new skills and master them

  • Your ability to build relationships with participants

  • Your professionalism

  • Your attitude

  • Your creativity

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