New, disability-focused musical seeks composer / lyricist

Submitted by jwatson on Mon, 07/23/2018 - 7:29am

Always Greener, a new musical which seeks to re-define and re-imagine the disability experience, seeks a Composer / Lyricist.

We are a strong, passionate, and earnest team of artists comprising people with and without disabilities. Together, we are creating Always Greener, a musical that foregrounds abilities of people with disabilities, and uses adaptive and inclusive casting, design, and direction. Our musical will entertain and increase solidarity and inclusion.

We have been working together on this project with Tellin’ Tales Theatre for the last two years and are excited to continue the script development process. Currently, we have an outline of the story that we are very excited about and are in search of a composer to collaborate with our head book writers Tekki Lomnicki and Erin Austin.

We are specifically seeking a composer with a disability, or from the disability community, broadly defined.

While payment is available, we are seeking individuals who truly believe in the mission of this work and are prepared to make a bold commitment toward this end. This is a collaboration, not a work-for-hire.

If you are interested, please send us a brief note about why, along with a music sample.


We look forward to hearing from you,

The Always Greener Team

(Tekki Lomnicki, Erin Austin, Jacob Watson, Thrisa Hodits, Carol Jungman, Judy Bergh, Molly Wiesman, and Megan Elk)



Imagine a community that is perfectly suited to the physical and emotional needs of its citizens. Now imagine that world is a place that was created to house people with disabilities. Now imagine that world was created and protected by people who had disabilities themselves. This is Greenfields, an idyllic gated community that is completely accessible. Here, there is no discrimination. The streets are clean. Everyone is satisfied...except Terri.

Terri is a woman, who in our world might be considered disabled. But in Greenfields, a fully accessible place for all, she’s just another 30-something year old gym teacher who longs for something more beyond her gated community, her arranged romantic partnership, and her carefully arranged life.

But leaving is no easy task. The outside world is inaccessible and when she finally leaves, she enters a world that is not so different than the one we live in. It’s not very accommodating. Obstacles bombard Terri, but she somehow she finds her way.

Always Greener is about growing up, once you are already grown. It’s about taking chances, finding love, embracing our fears, and challenging our individual and collective mindsets.

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Saturday, September 1, 2018
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Jacob Watson
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United States