Call for Collaborators: The Currency of Social Structure (Community In Practice)

Submitted by aomuse on Mon, 10/16/2017 - 5:00pm

The Kola Nut Collaborative is seeking collaborations, partnerships, and proposals for a series of planned exhibitions which reflect on social economy and broaden perspectives of where currency is created or exchanged. "The Currency of Social Structure" seeks to transform selected spaces into social marketplaces where the human assets populating the space become critical to increasing social value within the space.

Prompts throughout these spaces will engage participants in a thoughtful exchange of skills, services, and talents. This exploration of an intangible human capital asks participants to imagine a world without money and all of the opportunities we have to bring some aspects of that world into fruition wherever we are.

The Kola Nut Collaborative (KNC) is a mutual support network of people engaged in reciprocal exchange of services, skills, and goods through a timebank where the currency is an hour of time for everyone. Through membership in the Kola Nut Collaborative people: create and strengthen community bonds, create economic freedom by providing an alternative means to get needs and desires met, and encourage creativity in redefining self-sufficiency, interdependence and valuation of time. The Kola Nut Collaborative introduces a paradigm where members reflect on the available resources in their lives moving from a perception of scarcity and lack to abundance and wholeness.

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Monday, December 31, 2018
Winter 2018
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Mike Strode
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2423 E. 75th Street
Chicago  Illinois  60649
United States
Call for Collaborators: The Currency of Social Structure (Community In Practice) | Chicago Artists Resource


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