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Bicycle Thieves is a new, devised stage adaptation of the 1948 Vittorio De Sica film of the same name. Produced by Clare Brennan and Littlebrain Theatre, and directed by Zach Barr, the play follows the story of Ricci, an Italian worker striving to build a stable life for his wife and child in a post-war depression economy. When he finally does get a job that requires him to own a bike, the family pawns their possessions to get him one. But after the bicycle is stolen on his first day of work, Ricci and his child Bruno launch into an odyssey through the streets of Rome to retrieve it. The play tackles the difficult relationship between ethics and class – the morals we try to hold for ourselves, and the desperate situations that can cause even the staunchest minds to compromise their beliefs.

Using the film as our jumping-off point, the team will spend five weeks devising a stage adaptation of the film, for performances in Winter 2019.



We are interested in casting performers of all ages, races, ethnicities, and all/no genders.


Actor 1 – RICCI

25-35 years old, Male, any race/ethnicity

A hard worker who trusts that his efforts will eventually provide a stable life for his family, and himself. One who recognizes that the cards are stacked against him, but goes on anyway. He looks on the lighter side of his hardships, even as they creep closer.


Actor 2 – BRUNO

10-15 years old* child, any race/ethnicity

A child with a view of the world that well exceeds their years. A fervent disciple of their pragmatic parents, they keep a focused view on life’s challenges as they approach. They can say very much in very few words, and even more with nothing at all.

*we are looking to cast an adult performer in this role who reads as younger


Actor 3 – MARIA & additional roles

20-30 years old, Female, any race/ethnicity

A factory worker now numb to the injustices of life. She takes each day as it comes, curses her rotten luck, and moves forward regardless. Deep down, she wishes to return to the simple worldview her husband Ricci still holds, but knows that life would only rise to crush her spirits again.


Actor 4 – GIOVANNI & additional roles

40-60 years old, Male, any race/ethnicity

A man who has worked his way up a difficult social system, and stands proud to have made a life for himself. He does not suffer fools gladly, and is unafraid to speak his mind, whatever the time. Treat him with respect, and he will give respect back to you, and assist where he can.


Actor 5 – HIRING OFFICER & additional roles

30-40 years old, any race/ethnicity

The Establishment – a member of the upper class who, despite empathizing with those not in power, knows their survival depends on the execution of their duties well. A more rigid physicality, as a defense against those who might make them question their views.


Actor 6 – MENICONI & additional roles

40-50 years old, Female, any race/ethnicity

A natural leader, one who feels at home addressing her thoughts to a crowd of people. Even without a position of power, she will identify what little status she has and expect to be treated with the respect she is owed. She wouldn’t consider herself a true dissident, but she is not fond of the society she lives in.


Actor 7 – THE PSYCHIC & additional roles

50-65 years old, Female, any race/ethnicity

A smart-witted woman who derives pleasure from the simple act of helping others. Her breadth of experience and empathy makes her a natural guide for those still finding themselves. She will not be pushed down or cast aside – she has earned her respected position in her community.


Actor 8 – THE THIEF & additional roles

20-30 years old, Male, any race/ethnicity

A rascal, the kind of person who relies on himself for his own survival. Able to turn on the charm and decorum when he’s being watched, but can be his true self when alone, or with trusted friends. As such, he has not fully learned to take responsibility for his actions.


Actor 9 – BAIOCCO & additional roles

30-50 years old, any race/ethnicity

A friend to all on the outside, so long as they can use that friendship for their own benefit. Never mean or bitter, but with an eye out for their own survival – even if that means looking out for other people. After all, they might need someone to look out for themself one day.



Sign up for audition time slots here:

Please bring in either one (1) two-minute monologue, or two (2) contrasting one-minute monologues. Bring two (2) copies of your headshot and resume. Please arrive early to fill out an audition form at the space.

Audition signups are organized by half-hour. Each block will contain six auditioners. Please select the half-hour block that works best for you.

All auditions/callbacks take place at Compass Creative Dramatics (4001 N Ravenswood Ave #110, Chicago, IL 60613)



Auditions: September 17 & 18, 5:30-9:30pm each day

Callbacks: September 22, 11am-12pm / 12-1pm / 2-3pm / 3-4pm

Rehearsals: December 3-22, 2018 – Mon/Tues/Wed/Thur evenings, Sat afternoon

January 2-5 & 7-9, 2019 – Weekday evenings, Sat afternoon

Performances: One show per week, Jan. 10-Feb. 23 (dates/times TBD)

Actor Stipend: $150



Please contact producer Clare Brennan at

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