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2013 Creative Chicago Expo

Start Your Music Career the Right Way

David M. Taylor, II of House of DT Music

Basic building blocks that artists, songwriters, and producers need to get their music careers started properly.

2013 Creative Chicago Expo

Highly Effective Boards and How to Create Them

Carolyn Rusnak and Don Schwarz of Executive Service Corps

An effective  board of directors starts with well-intentioned, caring and committed members, but a great one takes more than having good people.

2013 Creative Chicago Expo

Get Your Green On

Powerful Partnerships to Protect the Planet

Chicago, the City in a Garden, is well-known for its green accomplishments.  Beyond its miles of green roofs and bike lanes lies tremendous opportunity for artists to partner with the region’s leading environmental organizations.  This panel brings together key institutions in the region – the Fi

Fractured Atlas

Fiscal Sponsorship Basics with Fractured Atlas

Understanding the benefits for individual artists

Based in New York, Fractured Atlas provides services to artists across the nation that lower the barriers to creating artwork. Yet one of their most well known services, fiscal sponsorship, remains a hazy concept for many individual artists.

2013 Creative Chicago Expo

Create a Fierce Facebook Page

Marissa Wasseluk of Community Media Workshop

Your Facebook fanpage is like a second website but is often the first contact your audience has with your brand. This intensive presentation will help you understand the basics of how to use Facebook as an extension of your brand and elevate you, your art form, and/or your organization's presence online.

Small Projects, Big Impact

John Carnwath and Derek Sherman of The Awesome Foundation, Janet Attarian of Chicago Department of Transportation, Katherine Darnstadt of Latent Design / Architecture for Humanity Chicago, and Lindsay Obermeyer of The Red Thread Project®

Why it's sometimes best to think small, how to fund small projects, what challenges to expect, and what the impact of small-scale projects can be. 

Artist as Entrepreneur: Plan to Become a Profitable Artist

Eleanor Whitney of the New York Foundation for the Arts

Think like an entrepreneur! Set your mission and professional goals, identify resources and organizations to take your career to the next level, via Artspire, a program of the New York Foundation for the Arts. 

New Models of Operation for Greater Efficiency, Less Cost

Jo Posselt of Executive Service Corp, Deb Clapp of League of Chicago Theaters, and Jennifer Richards of Eighth Blackbird

Panelists discuss their successful efforts to create cost savings and greater operational efficiencies through shared services.

2013 Creative Chicago Expo

Business Planning Basics

Donna Rockin of the City Treasurer’s Office and Duman Entrepreneurship Center

Learn the components of a business plan, how to get started and where to find further resources to complete and implement it.

Creative Chicago Expo 2013

Kickstarter School

Stephanie Pereira of Kickstarter

A primer on bringing a Kickstarter project to life, with panelists Jeff Harms (musician), David Tamarkin (editor, Middlewest), and artist Lee Rosen (co-fo

Creative Chicago Expo 2013

How to Get Published

Robert Loerzel of Society of Midland Authors

Several local authors talk about the pros and cons of different paths to published — small presses, university presses, self-publishing, Kickstarter campaigns and the traditional agent-publisher route.

2013 Creative Chicago Expo

Building A Food Life

Christine Cikowski and Joshua Kulp of Sunday Dinner Club and Honey Butter Chicken

Like many food lovers and budding cooks, Chefs Josh Kulp and Christine Cikowski wanted careers rooted in all things culinary and wanted to create a meaningful dining experience.

What to Charge: How to Price Your Work

Jane Hamill of Jane Hamill Consulting

Research the competition, make a pricing "formula," find the best way to make an offer to a potential customer and the confidence to get the price you want.

2013 Creative Chicago Expo

Present Yourself with Clarity and Confidence

by Mare Swallow of Chicago Writers Conference

"Creative" doesn't mean "sloppy" or "carefree"; that myth can get you in trouble. Whether your approach is in print, online, or in person, how you present yourself and your ideas will have a large impact.

2013 Creative Chicago Expo

Opportunities at Chicago’s Parks and Libraries

Carla Mayer and Nikki Jolly of Chicago Park District with Robert Sloane of Chicago Public Library

Performance and exhibition opportunities for individuals and groups, including the Park District’s Arts Partners in Residence Program.