Two Exhibitions Open at Chicago Artists Coalition

Opening Friday, May 26th, from 6 - 9PM

The Chicago Artists Coalition is opening the HATCH Projects group exhibition "In your head" as well as a solo exhibition, "A Cosmetic Decision," by current BOLT Resident Juan Camilo Guzmán on May 26th at 6:00PM. Read statements about the exhibition and find more information about the exhibitions below.

A song can quickly trigger recollections of a memory once forgotten. The struggle of remembering is a process of the mind rendering images and words that lead us back to a particular story. Beings and objects that contain sentiment connect us to a narrative that was once clear but over time has become fuzzy. Riddled by confusion, melancholy, desire and distortion, our memories are trapped in our bodies’ histories of touches and resurface like weathered puzzle pieces mashed together.

In your head is an exhibition that considers the idea of memory as information transformed through material and time. Developed out of conceptual practices, the artists’ specific connections to memory vary from the study of cognition to the body and domestic space, as a vessel for our individual lives and experiences, and the lab-like transmutation of discarded sculptors’ sculptures. Each artist approaches their material through a process of experimentation, generating objects, images, and installations that bare traces of a former life or a moment past.

"In your head" features work by Keely HaftnerDaniel HojnackiChris Zain, and is curated by Meg T. Noe.


Guzmán presents an installation of diverse and nonhierarchical rearrangments of images sourced form mass culture and contemporary advertisment. The artist's treatment of them points to a refusal to be fixed in meaning, and instead to set up moments of pleasure with the simple and complex surface manifestations. Now and then, the work alludes to the identity politics and notions of difference present in Latin America. Creating a feedback loop between the formal and social qualities of the collages, A Cosmetic Decision takes an ontological approach to self-reflection, construction of personal identity, and arbitrary aesthetic and political interests.