Two Exhibitions Open at Chicago Artists Coalition

Opening on Friday, April 28 from 6PM - 9:30PM

The Chicago Artists Coalition is opening the HATCH Projects group exhibition "Boondoggle" as well as a solo exhibition, "Minor Local Slumpage," by current BOLT Resident Ginger Krebs on April 28 at 6:00PM. Read statements about the exhibition and find more information about the exhibitions below.

"During the Great Depression, many New Deal programs focused on putting unemployed artists and craftspeople to work, and providing government funding for public, archival, and educational projects. One such program focused on teaching simple crafts to children by which they could produce small tchotchkes to sell and raise money for their families. A typical craft was the tying of decorative, colored leather and canvas called “boondoggles” that didn't serve any purpose beyond aesthetic novelty and a sense of accomplishment in a time of extreme malaise. Like any social program, the idea came under fire from the political right who, unsurprisingly, saw it as wasting money in order to promote wasting time. The term boondoggle became immediately metaphorical for a large expenditure of effort and resources for a foolishly useless end, and that is how we use the word today."

"Boondoggle" features work by Andrew BarcoJeff ProkashGülşah Mursaloğlu, and is curated by Danny Floyd.


Krebs is best known for ensemble-performance works that investigate the vulnerability of bodies driven to achieve extreme efficiency or bodies surveilled by concealed systems of power. Revisiting sculpture after a 12-year hiatus, Krebs addresses awkwardness, intimacy, violence and seduction in the 40 fleshy specimens that comprise Minor Local Slumpage. They range in size -- some similar to sushi, others closer to a softball  -- and reveal familiar materials, like a shoulder pad, a piece of fake baloney, or hair pulled from a drain. Many appear to have been disturbed; skewered, scraped, disemboweled, or encased in rubber. If asked for their manifesto, these works might reply:

We are moist.
There are secrets. 
Our bodies escape us. 

We have hair.
We are tasty.
We may be faking it.

Light on too many sides!  

We survived something terrible.
We can barely contain ourselves.
We don’t yet exist.

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