Setting Up Your Creative Business

Barry Cooper of Limelight Accounting

Business structure, finances, taxes, record-keeping, budgeting, and more. 

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2 013

Barry Cooper, Limelight Accounting

Recordings produced by Audio Arts + Acoustics students, Columbia College Chicago, and EARS, the Engineering And Recording Society of Chicago, for the Chicago Creative Expo 2013.
Thank you AA+A students: Adam Chismark, Ryan Greenburg, Trevor Roberts, Eric Somogyi, and Ming Yu.
Thank you EARS pro-members: James Wood Autwarter, Blaise Barton, Daniel Christmas, Danny Christy, John Christy, Rob Gillis, Reid Hyams, Danny Leake, Fran Allen-Leake, Eric Roth and Stacey Simcik.
Edited & Assembled by Ryan Greenburg (AA+A / Columbia College Chicago).
Executive Producer Reid Hyams (X-Art Entertainment) for EARS, AA+A / Columbia College Chicago & the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

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