How Artists and Arts Organizations Can Gain a Voice on Radio

Tony Macaluso of WFMT Radio Network and Shawn Campbell of Chicago Independent Radio Project (CHIRP)
Creative Chicago Expo 2013

Insights into how artists can use radio (both locally and nationally) to help their work and ideas reach a larger audience. Learn about specific tools and opportunities that are available and gain a broader insight into how radio is evolving in the 21st century.

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Recordings produced by Audio Arts + Acoustics students, Columbia College Chicago, and EARS, the Engineering And Recording Society of Chicago, for the Chicago Creative Expo 2013.
Thank you AA+A students: Adam Chismark, Ryan Greenburg, Trevor Roberts, Eric Somogyi, and Ming Yu.
Thank you EARS pro-members: James Wood Autwarter, Blaise Barton, Daniel Christmas, Danny Christy, John Christy, Rob Gillis, Reid Hyams, Danny Leake, Fran Allen-Leake, Eric Roth and Stacey Simcik.
Edited & Assembled by Ryan Greenburg (AA+A / Columbia College Chicago).
Executive Producer Reid Hyams (X-Art Entertainment) for EARS, AA+A / Columbia College Chicago & the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

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