Create a Fierce Facebook Page

Marissa Wasseluk of Community Media Workshop
2013 Creative Chicago Expo

Your Facebook fanpage is like a second website but is often the first contact your audience has with your brand. This intensive presentation will help you understand the basics of how to use Facebook as an extension of your brand and elevate you, your art form, and/or your organization's presence online.

Excerpts from the lecture and PDF attachment:

How do you define “social” in your every day life?

Get to know your audience. Talk to your audience, not at them.

TIP! If you have worked out your social media communications policy, share it with your audience. Always good to be transparent. The rules and regulations of conduct (both yours & theirs) should be easily found from your social media platforms.Some organizations put their social media policy in the "About" section of their Facebook page

Links: No need to use URL shorteners in FB, in fact that decreases engagement, possibly because people don’t trust indirect links.

Ask your fans to put you on their interest list. Interest lists are kind of like Twitter Lists – they filter noise by highlighting what is interesting to the fan and makes it more prominent in their feed. This increases your exposure to the fan and their friends. People can subscribe to those lists.

Respond to your users! Social media is social and interaction is key !if someone asked for a photo, give it to them! Say something like “you asked for it, so here it is!” Acknowledgement is really important. It’s not only polite to acknowledge people’s interest, but it can take things to a new level if you continue to interact about a particular topic. You never know what you might learn or what good might come from it.


In spite of recent events, LIVESTRONG foundation still has an awesome Facebook fanpage. They even use it to state their opinion of recent events in the news and help offset the controversy by informing the public of their stance on what happened with Lance and his ‘roidabuse.

People scan Facebook; they don’t read it. The shorter the better! Longer posts are less engaging. Buddy Media research shows that Facebook posts with 80 characters or less receive 66% higher fan engagement, and posts that are less than 40 characters in length receive 86% higher engagement.

The two most effective types of brand posts contain a single photo or use only words. According to Buddy Media, status-only posts receive 94% higher-than-average engagement.

Ask your audience to do just ONE THING. Because they’re scanning and attention spans are short, getting overly complicated will produce little results. Your fans will follow your instructions; the simpler the instruction, the better.

Timing: They say the best time to post is early in the week, in the afternoon – Monday at 2 p.m. Take a look at your personal insights for the times when you’ve seen the most engagement

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